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Yong Jing’s Kitchen Enlightenment (Kingsford,Sydney,NSW)

Back in Sydney!!! :D

it’s been around two weeks since we’re quite busy in uni, so I couldn’t really go eat out with my friends :< Sigh..WELL BUT FINALLY GOT THE CHANCE TO DO SO so here we go

my first blog post about restaurant in sydney :p

enough with the random rant, yep! straight to the food and restaurant.

When we went here, a friendly chinese lady greeted as warmly and waited for our order

SERIOUSLYY the menu is really cool like it makes you want to order them all! HAHA the restaurant itself looks like chinese restaurant around your area but a little bit fancy! as their furniture is quite unique.

and as it is May now (i remember it was December last month -_-) Sydney is getting colder, so we decided to have hotpot here, as one of my friend T mentioned that they have really nice hotpot here at first I thought it’s gotta be something like sukiyaki, but even though it turned out differently it doesn’t bother me as it’s really good! especially in cold winter and spicy and warm soup will warm your body!

so we decided to order combination hotpot ($18.8 for 2 person) the portion is quite generous! it includes tofu,beef,veggies,fish,prawn…and that’s all i can remember….

look how hot it is!!!

and the bowl is also cute! we usually see that in a bigger size but this one is small so we think it’s so cute!

it doesn’t really look cute in this photo though -_-

and we also ordered steamed chicken in chili oil SERIOUSLY THIS IS SOOOOOOO NICE and it’s not only spicy they got everything right even though S told me sometimes when she bites it there’s something sour < but I didn’t get that >

the nicest part is the chicken skin and when you dip it in chili oil omnomnom

the overall experience is pleasant here :) the service itself isn’t bad and I would definitely come back here again :)

my judgement!

food 4.5/5

ambience 3/5

service 3.5/5

price 4.5/5 (<$15/person for a tummy feeling dinner)

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Little Caesar’s Pizza


really from 10 days of food trip in Perth I must say this is my favourite!!!

Since my bro (again my female bro) has the photos here we goo!

(from top to bottom < not sure if it’s really the name> )

1.chicken fettucine (RECOMMENDED! by me)

2.salmon something :/

3.pizzagne (RECOMMENDED! by me)


This pizzeria says their pizza maker is the world’s best pizza maker :o

and here’s my judgement


YES I AGREE AND I DO UNDERSTAND why he got that title

he’s really creative!! well everyone would think pizza and fettucine or lasagne could be combined and tastes great, but not everyone could make it true!! (or is this just my first time eating this kind of pizza?)

but he did the pizza here is SOO TASTY and they actually adjusts their pizza base and our toppings so it’ll taste better omnomnom

and this is the chocolate mudcake pizza! (RECOMMENDED! by me)

i don’t normally like desserts but this one is AMAZING the pizza base is made of mudcake and it’s all chocolatey toppings and everything is just perfect!


and the pizzeria is also nice for gathering with friends, family dinner, or even romantic dinner?<maybe not?>

thegreatfoodadventure rating

Food 5/5

Price 4/5

Ambience 4/5


PS : thanks to my bro for the pics ( I stole it from your fb :D)
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WOOHOO after hearing a lot of interesting food in perth from my best friend bro!

she’s (yes my ‘bro’ is a girl /gg) been living in perth around 4-5 yearss???

so I’m sure she’ll know the best ones here..

1. Dosukoi Ramen (Fremantle Market)

Everyone from Perth (that I know) would always recommend me this ramen here, located in Fremantle Market which is very cool! Fremantle itself gives you a different feeling and this market is even better!!

menu #2

ok now about the ramen! I ordered # 6 ‘Fried Chicken on top,noodle soup in bowl’ They will actually ask you if you want miso or shoyu and because I tend to think that shoyu is only made of hot water and soysauce I chose miso.

After ordering we need to pay first, and then they’ll ask for your phone number… the unique thing here is you don’t sit after you order, we actually have to queue to get the seats here so we hang around Fremantle a little bit and then they’ll send you a text message telling you the table is ready for you, and then after we come to the store they will prepare our ramen! :9

Soo I went with two of my friends F and A

F ordered #4 Soft pork on top noodle soup in bowl (shoyu) and the shoyu here is REALLY BETTER THAN WHAT I’VE EXPECTED! I kinda liked it better than my one (miso)

A ordered Udon (I don’t know the further details) she told me it kinda tasted different with other Udon.

ramen with kaarage

Somewhere in the shop I saw that it is #1 Ramen in WA, well it has tasty broth, nicely cooked noodles what else do we need??

MY rating

Food 4/5

Price 4/5

Ambience 3/5

Dosukoi - Japanese Noodle and Bubble Tea on Urbanspoon


Still in  Perth!

2. Koko Black (Claremont)

We don’t have any Koko Black in Sydney so A and R decided to take me here, they recommend me their iced chocolate, so I ordered them

here it is :)

it’s basically iced chocolate with vanilla bean ice cream and the toppings on it, it’s really nice actually, but for me it’s kinda bitter (I’m not a fan of dark chocolate)


my rating

food 4/5

price 3/5

ambience 5/5

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Hello world!

WELL! as I’m a fan of food I always love to read interesting foodblogs and I always wanted to make one as I’d always love to share my experience :)

Sorry if I don’t really have much photos here as my camera isn’t the best one and sometimes I forgot to take pictures of those mouthwatering delicacies ( >:) )



note that all my blogposts are written from my perspective! so do not sue me for ‘leading’ you to the restaurants that you don’t like ( in other words this is a disclaimer! I will not take any responsibility caused by my posts)


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