Back in Sydney!!! :D

it’s been around two weeks since we’re quite busy in uni, so I couldn’t really go eat out with my friends :< Sigh..WELL BUT FINALLY GOT THE CHANCE TO DO SO so here we go

my first blog post about restaurant in sydney :p

enough with the random rant, yep! straight to the food and restaurant.

When we went here, a friendly chinese lady greeted as warmly and waited for our order

SERIOUSLYY the menu is really cool like it makes you want to order them all! HAHA the restaurant itself looks like chinese restaurant around your area but a little bit fancy! as their furniture is quite unique.

and as it is May now (i remember it was December last month -_-) Sydney is getting colder, so we decided to have hotpot here, as one of my friend T mentioned that they have really nice hotpot here at first I thought it’s gotta be something like sukiyaki, but even though it turned out differently it doesn’t bother me as it’s really good! especially in cold winter and spicy and warm soup will warm your body!

so we decided to order combination hotpot ($18.8 for 2 person) the portion is quite generous! it includes tofu,beef,veggies,fish,prawn…and that’s all i can remember….

look how hot it is!!!

and the bowl is also cute! we usually see that in a bigger size but this one is small so we think it’s so cute!

it doesn’t really look cute in this photo though -_-

and we also ordered steamed chicken in chili oil SERIOUSLY THIS IS SOOOOOOO NICE and it’s not only spicy they got everything right even though S told me sometimes when she bites it there’s something sour < but I didn’t get that >

the nicest part is the chicken skin and when you dip it in chili oil omnomnom

the overall experience is pleasant here :) the service itself isn’t bad and I would definitely come back here again :)

my judgement!

food 4.5/5

ambience 3/5

service 3.5/5

price 4.5/5 (<$15/person for a tummy feeling dinner)

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