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WOOHOO after hearing a lot of interesting food in perth from my best friend bro!

she’s (yes my ‘bro’ is a girl /gg) been living in perth around 4-5 yearss???

so I’m sure she’ll know the best ones here..

1. Dosukoi Ramen (Fremantle Market)

Everyone from Perth (that I know) would always recommend me this ramen here, located in Fremantle Market which is very cool! Fremantle itself gives you a different feeling and this market is even better!!

menu #2

ok now about the ramen! I ordered # 6 ‘Fried Chicken on top,noodle soup in bowl’ They will actually ask you if you want miso or shoyu and because I tend to think that shoyu is only made of hot water and soysauce I chose miso.

After ordering we need to pay first, and then they’ll ask for your phone number… the unique thing here is you don’t sit after you order, we actually have to queue to get the seats here so we hang around Fremantle a little bit and then they’ll send you a text message telling you the table is ready for you, and then after we come to the store they will prepare our ramen! :9

Soo I went with two of my friends F and A

F ordered #4 Soft pork on top noodle soup in bowl (shoyu) and the shoyu here is REALLY BETTER THAN WHAT I’VE EXPECTED! I kinda liked it better than my one (miso)

A ordered Udon (I don’t know the further details) she told me it kinda tasted different with other Udon.

ramen with kaarage

Somewhere in the shop I saw that it is #1 Ramen in WA, well it has tasty broth, nicely cooked noodles what else do we need??

MY rating

Food 4/5

Price 4/5

Ambience 3/5

Dosukoi - Japanese Noodle and Bubble Tea on Urbanspoon


Still in  Perth!

2. Koko Black (Claremont)

We don’t have any Koko Black in Sydney so A and R decided to take me here, they recommend me their iced chocolate, so I ordered them

here it is 🙂

it’s basically iced chocolate with vanilla bean ice cream and the toppings on it, it’s really nice actually, but for me it’s kinda bitter (I’m not a fan of dark chocolate)


my rating

food 4/5

price 3/5

ambience 5/5

Koko Black on Urbanspoon