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really from 10 days of food trip in Perth I must say this is my favourite!!!

Since my bro (again my female bro) has the photos here we goo!

(from top to bottom < not sure if it’s really the name> )

1.chicken fettucine (RECOMMENDED! by me)

2.salmon something :/

3.pizzagne (RECOMMENDED! by me)


This pizzeria says their pizza maker is the world’s best pizza maker 😮

and here’s my judgement


YES I AGREE AND I DO UNDERSTAND why he got that title

he’s really creative!! well everyone would think pizza and fettucine or lasagne could be combined and tastes great, but not everyone could make it true!! (or is this just my first time eating this kind of pizza?)

but he did the pizza here is SOO TASTY and they actually adjusts their pizza base and our toppings so it’ll taste better omnomnom

and this is the chocolate mudcake pizza! (RECOMMENDED! by me)

i don’t normally like desserts but this one is AMAZING the pizza base is made of mudcake and it’s all chocolatey toppings and everything is just perfect!


and the pizzeria is also nice for gathering with friends, family dinner, or even romantic dinner?<maybe not?>

thegreatfoodadventure rating

Food 5/5

Price 4/5

Ambience 4/5


PS : thanks to my bro for the pics ( I stole it from your fb :D)
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